Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Vol 22 January 2011

Skull Deformities at a Crossroads: The Need for New Directions.
pg. 1-2
Habal, Mutaz B. MD, FRCSC, FACS, Editor-in-Chief

Deformational Plagiocephaly: A Look Into the Future.
pg. 3-5
Levi, Benjamin MD *; Wan, Derrick C. MD *; Longaker, Michael T. MD, FACS *; Habal, Mutaz B. MD,

Current Concepts in Deformational Plagiocephaly.
pg. 6-8
Dec, Wojciech MD; Warren, Stephen M. MD

Deformational Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Scaphocephaly. Part I: Terminology, Diagnosis,
and Etiopathogenesis.
pg. 9-16
Rogers, Gary F. MD, JD, MBA, MPH

Deformational Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Scaphocephaly. Part II: Prevention and Treatment.
pg. 17-23
Rogers, Gary F. MD, JD, MBA, MPH

Severe Deformational Plagiocephaly: Long-Term Results of Surgical Treatment.
pg. 24-29
Marchac, Alexandre MD; Arnaud, Eric MD; Di Rocco, Federico MD; Michienzi, Joseph MD; Renier,
Dominique MD, PhD

Classification and Pathogenic Models of Unintentional Postural Cranial Deformities in Infants:
Plagiocephalies and Brachycephalies.
pg. 33-41
Captier, Guillaume MD, PhD *+; Dessauge, David Osteopath ++; Picot, Marie-Christine MD [S];
Bigorre, Michele MD *; Gossard, Camille Osteopath ++; El Ammar, Jaffar MD *; Leboucq, Nicolas MD [//]

Treatment of Scaphocephaly With Combined Vertex Craniectomy and Bilateral Microbarrel Staving.
pg. 42-46
Kandasamy, Jothy MRCS; Anderson, Keith MRCS; Dunne, Jonathan MBChB; Grogan, Joan SEN;
Duncan, Christian MPhil, FRCSI(Plast); Sinha, Ajay FRCS (SN); May, Paul FRCS

Treatment of Scaphocephaly With Combined Vertex Craniectomy and Bilateral Microbarrel Staving.
pg. 42-46
Kandasamy, Jothy MRCS; Anderson, Keith MRCS; Dunne, Jonathan MBChB; Grogan, Joan SEN;
Duncan, Christian MPhil, FRCSI(Plast); Sinha, Ajay FRCS (SN); May, Paul FRCS

An Epidemiological Study of Nonsyndromal Craniosynostoses.
pg. 47-49
Kolar, John C. PhD

Assessment of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service in a Teaching Hospital in Brazil.
pg. 50-53
Ferraro Bezerra, Marcelo MSc *; Avelar, Rafael Linard MSc +; de Oliveira, Rogerio Belle PhD ++;
Studart-Soares, Eduardo Costa PhD *; Pretto, Maria Salete PhD [S]

Accurate Facial Morphologic Measurements Using a 3-Camera Photogrammetric Method.
pg. 54-59
Deli, Roberto MD, DS, PhD *; Gioia, Eliana Di MD *; Galantucci, Luigi Maria Dr, MS +; Percoco,
Gianluca MS, PhD +

Quantification of Facial Movements by Surface Laser Scanning.
pg. 60-65
Verze, Laura MD *; Nasi, Andrea MD +; Quaranta, Federico MD *; Vasino, Valentina MD *; Prini,
Virginia PhD *; Ramieri, Guglielmo MD, DDS ++

Parasagittal Suture After Strip Craniectomy.
pg. 66-67
Kinsella, Christopher R. Jr MD *; Cray, James J. PhD *; Cooper, Gregory M. PhD *; Pollack, Ian F. MD +
; Losee, Joseph E. MD *

Evaluation of Metal Concentrations in Hair and Nail After Orthognathic Surgery.
pg. 68-72
Bozkus, Idil DDS, PhD; Germec-Cakan, Derya DDS, PhD *; Arun, Tulin DDS, PhD *

A Method for Visualizing High-Density Porous Polyethylene (Medpor, Porex) With Computed
Tomographic Scanning.
pg. 73-76
Vendemia, Nicholas MD *; Chao, Jerry MD +; Ivanidze, Jana MD ++; Sanelli, Pina MD [S]; Spinelli, Henry

Influence of Metopic Suture Fusion Associated With Sagittal Synostosis.
pg. 77-83
Domeshek, Leahthan F. BSE *; Das, Rajesh R. BS *+; Van Aalst, John A. MD ++; Mukundan, Srinivasan
Jr PhD, MD *+[S]; Marcus, Jeffrey R. MD, FAAP, FACS *[//]

Capsule Formation Can Make Secondary Reconstruction of the Dura Mater Unnecessary After
Cranial Infection.
pg. 84-88
Nagasao, Tomohisa MD, PhD *; Shinoda, Jun MD, PhD +; Horiguchi, Takashi MD, PhD ++; Kishi, Kazuo
MD, PhD *

Increased Incidence of Metopic Suture Abnormalities in Children With Positional Plagiocephaly.
pg. 89-95
Fisher, David C. MD *; Kornrumpf, Brian P. MD *; Couture, Daniel MD +; Glazier, Steven S. MD ++;
Argenta, Louis C. MD *; David, Lisa R. MD, FACS *

Distraction Osteogenesis With Pivot Plate in the Treatment of Scaphocephaly.
pg. 96-99
Nam, Seung Min MD; Kim, Yong Bae MD, PhD; Shin, Ho Seong MD, PhD; Park, Eun Soo MD, PhD;
Jung, Sung Gyun MD, PhD

High [alpha]-Defensin and S100A7 Expression and Missing DOC-1 Down-Regulation Characterize
Irritation Fibromas of the Oral Cavity and May Counteract Malignant Transformation.
pg. 100-104
Winter, Jochen PhD *; Pantelis, Annette MD +; Allam, Jean-Pierre MD, PhD ++; Novak, Natalija MD ++;
Reich, Rudolf MD, DMD [S]; Martini, Markus MD, DMD [S]; Berge, Stefaan MD, DMD [//]; Deschner,
James DMD *; Jepsen, Soeren MD, DMD *; Wenghoefer, Matthias MD, DMD [S]

Endoscopic Changes in the Upper Airway After Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis.
pg. 105-109
Olson, Terrah Paul MD *; McMurray, J. Scott MD +; Mount, Delora L. MD ++

Effect of In Vitro Aging on the Stiffness of Bioabsorbable Fixation Plates.
pg. 110-112
Zinelis, Spiros PhD *; Venetis, Gregory DDS, MD, DrDent +; Eliades, Theodoros DDS, MS, DrMed,
PhD ++;Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis DDS, MD, DrDent +; Eliades, Georgios DDS, DrDent

Mechanical Characterization and Optoelectronic Measurement of Parietal Bone Thickness Before and
After Monocortical Bone Graft Harvest: Design and Validation of a Test Protocol.
pg. 113-117
Laure, Boris MD *+; Geais, Laurent *; Tranquart, Francois MD, PhD +; Goga, Dominique MD *

Anatomic Survey of Arachnoid Foveolae and the Clinical Correlation to Cranial Bone Grafting.
pg. 118-121
Sweeney, Walter M. BS; Afifi, Ahmed M. MD; Zor, Fatih MD; Acikel, Cengiz Han MD; Bozkurt, Mehmet
MD; Grykien, Christopher MD; Siemionow, Maria MD, PhD, DSc; Zins, James E. MD; Papay, Frank A. MD

A New Syndrome With Craniosynostosis and Cleft Lip and Palate.
pg. 122-124
Anderson, Peter J. MD, PhD, FDSRCS(Ed), FRCS(Plast), FRACS *++; Haan, Eric A. FRCP +++; David,
David J. MD, FRCS, FRACS *

Impact of Long-term Nasopharyngeal Airway on Health-Related Quality of Life of Children With
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Caused by Syndromic Craniosynostosis.
pg. 125-128
Randhawa, Premjit S. MRCS; Ahmed, Jahangir MRCS; Nouraei, Syed Reza MRCS; Wyatt, Michelle E. FRCS

Validation of Optical Three-Dimensional Plagiocephalometry by Computed Tomography, Direct
Measurement, and Indirect Measurements Using Thermoplastic Bands.
pg. 129-134
Spitzer, Martin Joachim MD *; Kramer, Manuel MD +; Neukam, Friedrich Wilhelm MD, DDS, PhD *;
Nkenke, Emeka MD, DDS, PhD *

Vertical Position of the Orbits in Nonsyndromic Plagiocephaly in Childhood and Its Relation to
Vertical Strabismus.
pg. 135-138
Eveleens, Jordi R.J. MD *; Mathijssen, Irene M. MD, PhD +; Lequin, Maarten H. MD, PhD ++; Polling,
Jan-Roelof CO *; Looman, Caspar W.N. MSc [S]; Simonsz, Huibert J. MD, PhD *

Decortication of Fibrous Dysplasia of the Maxillary Sinus.
pg. 139-141
Lee, Yoon Ho MD, PhD *; Hwang, Kun MD, PhD +

A Novel Technique for Presurgical Nasoalveolar Molding Using Computer-Aided Reverse Engineering
and Rapid Prototyping.
pg. 142-146
Yu, Quan DDS, MDS *; Gong, Xin DDS, MDS *; Wang, Guo-Min DDS, MDS, PhD +; Yu, Zhe-Yuan
DDS, MDS, PhD ++; Qian, Yu-Fen DDS, MDS *; Shen, Gang DDS, MDS, PhD *

Dentofacial Deformities Treated According to a Dentoskeletal Analysis Based on the Divine Proportion:
Are the Resulting Faces de Facto "Divinely" Proportioned?
pg. 147-150
Scolozzi, Paolo MD, DMD *; Momjian, Armen MD, DMD *; Courvoisier, Delphine PhD +

Lateral Rectus Muscle Injury, Orbital Fracture, Mouth Locking, and Facial Palsy Resulting From
Reduction Malarplasty.
pg. 151-154
Hwang, Kun MD, PhD

Oral Rehabilitation With Implantations: Association of Fixed Partial Prosthesis, UCLA System,
and EsthetiCone.
pg. 155-158
Goiato, Marcelo Coelho DDS, MS, PhD; Pesqueira, Aldieris Alves DDS, MS; dos Santos, Daniela
Micheline DDS, MS, PhD; Haddad, Marcela Filie DDS, MS; Moreno, Amalia DDS, MS; Bannwart,
Lisiane Cristina DDS

Aplasia Cutis Congenita: Clinical Management of a Rare Congenital Anomaly.
pg. 159-165
Bharti, Gaurav MD *; Groves, Leslie BS *; David, Lisa R. MD, FACS *; Sanger, Claire DO +; Argenta,
Louis C. MD *

Investigation on the Structure of Nasal Cavity and Its Airflow Field in Crouzon Syndrome.
pg. 166-172
Wang, Tao MD *+; Mu, Xiongzhen MD ++; Deng, Jian PhD [S]; Wang, Peihua MS *+; Chen, Dong BS *+;
Cai, Weiyu BS *+

Normally Shaped Heads With No Sutures, Normally Shaped Heads With Abnormal Sutures, and
Abnormally Shaped Heads With Normal Sutures.
pg. 173-177
Bristol, Ruth E. MD *; Krieger, Mark D. MD +; McComb, J. Gordon MD +

Complications of Calvarial Bone Harvesting for Maxillofacial Reconstructions.
pg. 178-181
Touzet, Sandrine; Ferri, Joel MD, PhD; Wojcik, Thomas; Raoul, Gwenael MD, PhD

Meningoencephalocele and Other Dural Disruptions: Complications of Le Fort III Midfacial Osteotomies
and Distraction.
pg. 182-186
Ridgway, Emily B. MD *; Robson, Caroline D. MBChB +; Padwa, Bonnie L. MD *; Goumnerova, Liliana
C. MD ++; Mulliken, John B. MD *

Coronal Synostosis Syndrome (Muenke Syndrome): The Value of Genetic Testing Versus Clinical Diagnosis.
pg. 187-190
Ranger, Adrianna MD *+; Chaudhary, Navjot MD *+; Rau, Jill MSc +; Matir, Damic MSc, MD +++;
Goobie, Sharan MSc, MD +[S]

Surgical Correction of a Median Cleft of the Mandible.
pg. 191-193
Yin, Lin MD; Hu, Jintian MD; Liu, Wei MD; Zhang, Zhiyong MD

Intraoperative Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury in a Child During Calvarial Vault Remodeling.
pg. 194-198
Schleicherk, Kayla BS *; Muzaffar, Arshad MD +; Tobias, Joseph D. MD ++[S]

Orbit and Maxilla Augmentation of Oblique Facial Clefts Using Mandibular Outer Cortex.
pg. 199-202
Liu, Wei MD; Zhang, Zhiyong MD; Huang, Luping MD; Niu, Feng MD; Gui, Lai MD

Efficacy and Safety of Early Cranioplasty, At Least Within 1 Month.
pg. 203-207
Chun, Hyoung-Joon MD; Yi, Hyeong-Joong MD, PhD

Calcified Subgaleal Hematoma With Secondary Cranial Deformity in a Patient With Kasabach-
Merritt Phenomenon.
pg. 208-211
Stalder, Mark W. MS *; Dorafshar, Amir H. MBChB +; Redett, Richard J. MD +

A Rare Association of Tension Pneumocephalus and a Large Frontoethmoidal Osteoma: Imaging Features
and Surgical Treatment.
pg. 212-213
Guedes, Bruno de Vasconcelos Sobreira MD *; da Rocha, Antonio Jose MD *; da Silva, Carlos Jorge MD *;
dos Santos, Americo Rubens Leite MD +; Lazarini, Paulo Roberto MD ++

Relapse in Fronto-Orbital Advancement: A Pilot Study.
pg. 214-216
Lwin, Christine T.-T. J. W. MRCS, FDSRCS; Richardson, David FDSRCS, FRCS; Duncan, Christian
MPhil, FRCS (Plastic); May, Paul MBBS, FRCS, FRCPCH

Refinement of the Correction of Orbital Hypertelorism.
pg. 217-219
Liu, Da-Lie MD *; Shan, Lei MD *; Yuan, Qiang MD +; Huang, Jin-Jun MD *

Treatment of Midline Cleft of the Mandible-A 2-Stage Approach.
pg. 220-222
Halli, Rajshekhar MDS *; Kini, Yogesh MDS, DNB *; Kharkar, Viraj MDS *; Rudagi, Bhimappa
MDS *; Hebbale, Manjula MDS +

Hemangioma Causing Deformational Plagiocephaly.
pg. 223-225
Avery, Gary MBBS *; Davis, Charles MBChB, FRACS *; Tan, Swee T. PhD, MBBS, FRACS *+





























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