European Journal of Plastic Surgery
Volume 34, Number 1 / February 2011


  • 1-11
    Original Paper
    Thoughts on a neglected French medieval surgeon: Henri de Mondeville (ca. 1260–1320)
    Jacques Vrebos

  • 13-17
    Original Paper
    Repair of the central slip of extensor tendon and the open mallet using Mitek mini bone anchors
    Syed Yawar Mehdi, Quratulain Masood, D. Lawlor and P. A. Eadie

  • 19-25
    Original Paper
    Attitudes to cosmetic surgery amongst primary care physicians: a cross-sectional survey
    Joanna Skillman and Darren Chester

  • 27-32
    Original Paper
    Comparative study between V-Y pushback technique and Furlow technique in cleft soft palate repair
    Mosaad Abdel-Aziz and Hassan Ghandour

  • 33-39
    Original Paper
    Single-stage functional reconstruction of the post-burn lower lip
    Prema Dhanraj, Paul M. Kingsly, Shashank Lamba, Rahul Shetty and Kiran S. Petkar, et al.

  • 41-44
    Original Paper
    Auricular pressure-relieving cushions for treatment of chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis: a series of 75
    cases and a review of the literature
    C. A. T. Durrant, H. Lloyd-Hughes, R. Worth, D. L. Allen and J. Pereira

  • 45-51
    Original Paper
    Abnormal scar modulation with the use of micropore tape
    Mahendra Daya

  • 53-55
    Case Report
    Pediatric flexor tenosynovitis and impetigo: an unusual association?
    Philippa C. Jackson, Kenneth Kok, Cher Bing Chuo and Alan J. Park

  • 57-59
    Case Report
    Simultaneous bilateral third to fifth carpometacarpal joint dislocations; a boxing first?
    Marcus Davis, Ertan Erel and Jill Webb

  • 61-63
    Case Report
    Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by an anomalous muscle belly of the index finger lumbrical
    Marta Garcia Redondo, Ruben Fernandez García-Guilarte, Adrian Bullón de Castro and Cesar Casado Perez

  • 65-67
    Case Report
    A rare variant of scalp dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: malignant fibrous histiocytomatous transformation
    Metin Görgü, Barıs Sahin, Heval Selman Ozkan and Türkan Rezanko

  • 69-70
    Letter to the Editor
    Nonvascularized transfer of DIP to PIP joint as a backup procedure for vascularized heterotopic
    joint replantation
    Andres Rodriguez-Lorenzo and Andes Felipe Pineda



























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