Annals of Plastic Surgery
Volume 66 Number 4 February 2011


Autologous Breast Augmentation With the Deepithelialized Fasciocutaneous Infragluteal Free Flap:
A 10-Year Experience.
Papp, Christoph MD; Windhofer, Christian MD; Michlits, Wolfgang MD

Comparisons of the Postoperative Rectus Abdominis Muscle Thickness and the Biomechanical
Properties of Donor Sites Among Different Subtypes of Muscle-Sparing Transverse Rectus Abdominis
Myocutaneous Flaps
(MS0, MS1, MS2, MS3): A Rat Model.
Guo, Jincai MM *; Kawai, Katsuya MD +; Suzuki, Shigehiko MD +

Prophylactic Flap Reconstruction of the Knee Prior to Total Knee Arthroplasty in High Risk Patients.
Casey, William J. III MD *; Rebecca, Alanna M. MD *; Krochmal, Daniel J. MD +; Kim, Hahns Y. MD *;
Hemminger, Betsy J. PA-C *; Clarke, Henry D. MD ++; Spangehl, Mark J. MD ++; Smith, Anthony A.
MD *

Congenital Entropion.
Maman, Daniel Y. MD, MBA *; Taub, Peter J. MD, FACS, FAAP +

A Cadaver Study of the Vascular Territories of Dominant and Nondominant Internal Mammary Artery
Paes, Emma C. MD *; Schellekens, Pascal P. A. MD *; Hage, J. Joris MD, PhD +; van der Wal,
Martijn B. A. MD ++; Bleys, Ronald L. A. W. MD, PhD [S]; Kon, Moshe MD, PhD

Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Administration Before or After Irradiation Decrease Side Effects of Irradiation
on the Implanted Area?
Tumerdem-Ulug, Burcak MD *; Kuran, Ismail MD *; Ozden, Burcu C. MD +; Mete, Ozgur MD ++;
Kemikler,Gonul PhD [S]; Aktas, Samil MD [P]; Calik, Burcu MD [//]

Macrostomia: A Report of 3 Cases.
Sowande, Oludayo A. FRCS, FWACS; Anyanwu, Lofty-John C. MBBS, FWACS; Ademuyiwa,
Adesoji O. MBBS,FWACS; Talabi, Ademola O. MBchB, FWACS; Adejuyigbe, Olusanya MBBS,

Closure of Large Myelomeningocele Defects Using Dorsal Intercostal Artery Perforator Flap.
Isik, Daghan MD *; Tekes, Lutfi MD *; Eseoglu, Metehan MD +; Isik, Yasemin MD ++; Bilici, Salim
MD [S]; Atik, Bekir MD *

Ideal Anthropomorphic Values of the Female Breast: Correlation of Pluralistic Aesthetic
Evaluations With Objective Measurements.
Liu, Yuen-Jong MD *+; Thomson, James G. MSc, MD, FACS

Outcome Analysis of Immediate and Delayed Conservative Breast Surgery Reconstruction With
Mastopexyand Reduction Mammaplasty Techniques.
Munhoz, Alexandre Mendonca MD *+; Aldrighi, Claudia Maria MD *+; Montag, Eduardo MD *+;
Arruda, Eduardo MD *+; Brasil, Jose Augusto MD *+; Filassi, Jose Roberto MD *+; Aldrighi, Jose
Mendes MD, PhD *+; Gemperli, Rolf MD, PhD *+; Ferreira, Marcus Castro MD, PhD *+

Oculoplastic Internet Resources for Plastic Surgeons.
Poostchi, Ali MB ChB; Baxter, Julia M. MBBCh

Medial Plantar Artery Perforator Flap for Soft-Tissue Reconstruction of the Heel.
Yang, Daping MD *; Yang, Jenny F. BSc +++; Morris, Steven F. MD, MSc, FRCS(C) +++; Tang, Maolin
MD +++; Nie, Chunlei MD *

Correction of Syndactyly Using a Dorsal Separated V-Y Advancement Flap and a Volar Triangular Flap in
Yildirim, Cengiz MD *; Senturk, Sadik MD +; Keklikci, Kenan MD ++; Akmaz, Ibrahim MD ++

Occurrence of Fat Embolism After Liposuction Surgery, With or Without Lipografting: An Experimental Study.
Franco, Fernando F. MD *; Tincani, Alfio J. PhD +; Meirelles, Luciana R. PhD ++; Kharmandayan, Paulo PhD *;
Guidi, Marcelo C. MD *

Yu, Li MD; Tan, JinHai MD; Cai, Lin MD; Yu, GuoRong BS; Tao, ShengXiang MD; Wei, RenXiong MD;
Chen, ZhenGuang BS

Repair of Severe Composite Tissue Defects in Lower Leg, Using 2 Different Cross-Leg Free Composite Tissue Flaps.
Transposition Technique for Correction of a Malpositioned Nipple-Areola Complex After Reconstruction Following
a Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: A Case Report.
Taneda, Hiroko MD; Sakai, Shigemi MD, PhD

Abdominal Contouring in Super Obese Patients: A Single-Surgeon Review of 22 Cases.
Mericli, Alexander F. MD; Drake, David B. MD, FACS

Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction After Unsatisfactory Implant Reconstruction.
Levine, Steven M. MD *; Lester, Mary E. MD +; Fontenot, Benjamin MD ++; Allen, Robert J. Sr. MD *++

The Usefulness of Oncoplastic Volume Displacement Techniques in the Superiorly Located Breast Cancers for Korean
Patients With Small- to Moderate-Sized Breast.
Yang, Jung Dug MD *; Bae, Sung Gun MD *; Chung, Ho Yun MD *; Cho, Byung Chae MD *; Park, Ho Yong MD +;
Jung, Jin Hyang MD +

Vascularized Fibular Flaps Enhance the Histological Repair in Pasteurized Autogenous Bone Graft.
Nishida, Yoshihiro MD, PhD *; Tsukushi, Satoshi MD, PhD *; Wasa, Junji MD, PhD *; Urakawa, Hiroshi MD *;
Toriyama, Kazuhiro MD, PhD +; Kamei, Yuzuru MD, PhD +; Ishiguro, Naoki MD, PhD

Free Calvarial Periosteum Graft Vascularized by an Omental Flap in a Rat Model.
Nakazato, Kosuke MD *; Toriyama, Kazuhiro MD *; Hishida, Masashi MD *; Takanari, Keisuke MD *; Yagi,
Shunjiro MD *; Yamashita, Yoriko MD +; Akatsuka, Shinya MD +; Hayakawa, Akemi PhD ++; Kamei, Yuzuru MD *

Use of Porous High-Density Polyethylene (Medpor) for Spreader or Extended Septal Graft in Rhinoplasty:
Aesthetics, Functional Outcomes, and Long-term Complications.
Kim, Young Hyo MD, MPh; Kim, Beom Joon MD; Jang, Tae Young MD, PhD

Lower Back Defect Coverage Using a Free-Style Gluteal Perforator Flap.
Eom, Jin Sup MD, PhD; Hong, Joon Pio MD, PhD, MMM

Prefabricated Osteocutaneous Neural Island Flap Model.
Sonmez, Erhan MD, PhD *; Ocal, Engin MD *; Konas, Ersoy MD *; Hekimoglu, Rumeysa MD +; Korkusuz, Petek MD,
PhD +; Dadaci, Mehmet MD *; Safak, Tunc MD *

Congenital Nasal Cartilage Deformities.
Diver, Andrew J. MB MRCSEd; Hill, Chris MB, FRCS(Plast)

Combined First Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flap and Dorsal Transposition Flap for Correction of Extensive First Web
Space Contracture: A Case Report and Review of Literature.
Chen, Chien-Chang MD *; Chang, Hui-Hsiu MD +; Tang, Yueh-Bih MD, PhD *; Cheng, Nai-Chen MD *

Suicide by Burning: Epidemiological and Clinical Profile.
Theodorou, Panagiotis MD *+; Phan, Vu T.Q. MD *; Weinand, Christian MD *; Maegele, Marc MD, PhD +++; Maurer,
Christoph A. MD, PhD [S]; Perbix, Walter MD *; Leitsch, Sebastian MD *; Lefering, Rolf MD, PhD +; Spilker, Gerald
MD, PhD *

Pediatric Compartment Syndrome Caused by Intravenous Infiltration.
Talbot, Simon G. MD; Rogers, Gary F. MD, JD, MBA, MPH

Three-Year Experience Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy Tissue Oximetry Monitoring of Free-Tissue Transfers.
Steele, Matthew H. MD

American Plastic Surgery and Global Health: A Brief History.
Hughes, Christopher D. MD, MPH *+; Alkire, Blake BS *+++; Martin, Christine [S]; Semer, Nadine MD, MPH [P];
Meara, John G. MD, DMD, MBA *+

A New Simple Technique to Correct Nipple Inversion Using 2 V-Y Advancement Flaps.
Persichetti, Paolo MD, PhD; Poccia, Igor MD; Pallara, Tiziano MS; Delle Femmine, Pietro Francesco MD; Marangi,
Giovanni Francesco MD

Staged Cleft Sternum Repair Using Dermal Allograft and Synthetic Mesh.
Ley, Eleazar MD; Sharshiner, Rita BS; Kouretas, Peter MD; Siddiqi, Faizi MD

The Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Patient With Chondrodystrophic Myotonia (Schwartz-Jampel vel
Aberfeld Syndrome): A Case Report With Review of Literature.
Nessler, Michal MD *; Puchala, Jacek MD, PhD +; Kwiatkowski, Stanislaw MD, PhD ++; Kobylarz, Krzysztof MD,
PhD [S]; Mojsa, Izabela DDS [P]; Chrapusta-Klimeczek, Anna MD, PhD *

Abdominoplasty of Cloacal Exstrophy (Application of Reconstructive Methods to Recurrent and Primary Cases).
Matsui, Takahiro MD *+; Park, Susam MD *; Shiraishi, Tomohiro MD *; Horikiri, Masaru MD *

Perfusion of the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap Measured by Laser Doppler Imager.
van den Heuvel, Marieke G. W. MD *; Mermans, Joline F. *; Ambergen, Anton W. PhD +; van der Hulst, Rene R. W. J.
MD, PhD *

The Prefabricated Gracilis Muscle Flap With Full Thickness Skin Graft and Delay for Urethral Channel Reconstruction.
Camp, Steven MD *+; Cartwright, Patrick MD *+; Siddiqi, Faizzi MD *+

Changes in the Blood Flow and Prevention of Vasospasm of the Femoral Artery by Topical Application of Lidocaine
in Rats.
Yokoyama, Toshiya MD, PhD; Kadota, Satoshi MD; Takeuchi, Kei MD; Tosa, Yasuyoshi MD, PhD; Kadomatsu,
Koich MD, PhD; Shimizu, Yuhki MD, PhD; Hosaka, Yoshiaki MD, PhD

Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction Using Prehydrated Human Acellular Dermis.
Rawlani, Vinay MD; Buck, Donald W. II MD; Johnson, Sarah A. BA; Heyer, Kamaldeep S. MD; Kim, John Y. S. MD
Ghazi, Bahair H. MD; Williams, Joseph K. MD

Proboscis Lateralis-Like Appendage: Description of a New Facial Anomaly.
Arora, Garima MS, MCh *; Arora, Vipin MS, FICS +; Chawla, Deepak MD, DM ++

The Superior Lateral Genicular Artery Flap for Soft Tissue Reconstruction Around the Knee: Clinical Experience
and Review of the Literature.
Wiedner, Maria MD; Koch, Horst MD; Scharnagl, Erwin MD

Reconstruction of Large Palatal Defects Using the Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap.
Ozkan, Omer MD *; Ozkan, Ozlenen MD *; Coskunfirat, Koray O. MD *; Hadimioglu, Necmiye MD +

Resurfacing the Partial Nose With a Retroauricular Skin-Cartilage Free Flap.
Han, Yan MD, PhD; Pan, Yong MD, PhD; Yang, Li MD, PhD; Ai, Yufeng MD; Ma, Gejia MD; Xia, Wensen MD, PhD;
Zhang, Hui MD, PhD

Optimizing Outcome of Charles Procedure for Chronic Lower Extremity Lymphoedema.
Karri, Vasu BSc(Hons), MRCS, MSc *; Yang, Ming-Chin PhD +; Lee, Il Jae MD, PhD ++; Chen, Shih-Heng MD *;
Hong, Joon Pio MD, PhD, MMM [S]; Xu, Enny-Sonia MS *; Cruz-Vargas, Jaqueline MD *; Chen, Hung-Chi MD,

A New Flap Prefabrication Model: Prefabricated Neural-Island Flap.
Sonmez, Erhan MD, PhD *; Bayram, Fazli Cengiz MD +; Safak, Tunc MD *

Adenovirus-Mediated Human Interleukin 24 (MDA-7/IL-24) Selectively Suppresses Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis
in Keloid Fibroblasts.
Liang, Jie MD; Huang, Ru-Lin MD; Huang, Qian MD, PhD; Peng, Zhi MD; Zhang, Pei-Hua MD; Wu, Zhi-Xian MD
Stanwix, Matthew G. MD; Nam, Arthur J. MD; Hui-Chou, Helen G. MD; Ferrari, Jonathan P. MD; Aberman, Harold M.
DVM; Hawes, Michael L. DVM; Keledjian, Kaspar M. MD; Jones, Luke S. BS;

Abdominal Ventral Hernia Repair With Current Biological Prostheses: An Experimental Large Animal Model.
Stanwix, Matthew G. MD; Nam, Arthur J. MD; Hui-Chou, Helen G. MD; Ferrari, Jonathan P. MD; Aberman, Harold M.
DVM; Hawes, Michael L. DVM; Keledjian, Kaspar M. MD; Jones, Luke S. BS; Rodriguez, Eduardo D. MD, DDS

What Patients Look for When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon: An Assessment of Patient Preference by Conjoint Analysis.
Waltzman, Joshua T. MD, MBA; Scholz, Thomas MD; Evans, Gregory RD MD, FACS

Primary Eccrine Porocarcinoma of the Finger With Transit Forearm and Axillary Metastasis.
Bhat, Waseem MuDr, MRCS; Akhtar, Sohail MB BCh, MRCS; Khotwal, Ashutosh MBBS, MRCS; Platt, Alastair J. BM
BCh, FRCS (Plast)

Diagnostic Value and Cost-Effectiveness of Good Quality Digital Images Accompanying Electronic Referrals for
Suspected Skin Malignancies.
Ng, Michael F. Y. MBChB, MRCS; Stevenson, J. Howard MBBCh, MD, FRCS

Rice Bodies, Millet Seeds, and Melon Seeds in Tuberculous Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Wrist.
Woon, Colin Yi-Loong MBBS, MRCSEd, MMed (Surg), MMed (Ortho) *; Phoon, Ee-San MBBS,
MRCSEd, MMed (Ortho) +; Lee, Jonathan Yi-Liang MB, BCh, BAO, MRCSEd, MMed (Surg), FAMS *; Puhaindran,
Mark Edward MBBS, MRCS (Edin), MMed (Surg) +; Peng, Yeong-Pin MBBS, FRCS (Edin), FAMS +; Teoh,
Lam-Chuan MBBS, FRCS (Glasg), FAMS *

Application of the Lateral Orbital Flap to Reconstruction of the Upper and Lower Eyelids and the Eye
Socket After Enucleation.
Ogawa, Yutaka MD *; Takemoto, Takashi MD +; Suzuki, Kenji MD +; Kusumoto, Kenji MD +





























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